Manage your recipients:

  • import any CSV file (choose format, choose delimiter...)
  • export search result, categories, readers, ...
  • add one/one users
  • HTML generator: Easy plug the generated HTML code in your existing website
  • collect e-mail addresses from any website, any contact form (unlimited websites, no matter used technology)
  • manage users by unlimited languages or/and countries
  • complete user data sheet: name, surname, title, address, phone, zip-code, ...
  • manage 4 free filters by user to customize your emailing (ex: client code, amount of points, sales responsible, ...)
  • powerful filter system (by (combined) free field, country, language, free fields, ... exact, all, any words)
  • multiple update : change data into all the recipients from a search filter result (set to HTML, unsubscribe, ...)
  • create and manage user categories
  • create and manage mailing lists
  • copy, transfer, delete from anywhere to anywhere (search result, categories, mailing list, ...)

Keep your database clean:

  • double detection
  • erroneous email detection on import
  • statistics of good/bad imported emails
  • massive deletion
  • advanced bounced email detection (choose the amount of bounce limit, copy the recipients in a selected category, export and/or delete them)
  • automatic opt out: let your client remove it's address himself with a "remove me" link in the newsletter

Compose nice e-mail

  • custom made e-mail template by the professional Media*A designers, respecting your graphical identity
  • choose from unlimited amount of email template (by Media*A). Note: there is by default, with your designed template, a "blank" template for "normal looking" emailing.
  • compose HTML e-mails in a WYSIWYG environment (word like): bold, italic, align, style,... without ANY html knowledge.
  • insert image from an image gallery, upload unlimited amount of picture with only 1 click, re-size (you don't need Photoshop or other image software), manage folders
  • propose a TEXT version
  • NEW: automatic multipart version for HTML subscribers (lets user software select between HTML/TEXT version)
  • NEW: SPAM reporting system! Analyse your email before sending it, report and correct your email to pass the SPAM test (in a behausian filter). A complete list a "bugs" with amount of negative points are listed.
  • personalize your emails: insert unlimited amount of users data (title, name, address in the e-mail body).
  • advanced personalization: insert 4 free fields anywhere in the mail body. So lets build a one to one communication for better relation and increase client live cycle
  • choose sender email from the sender defined list (on setup)
  • NEW: choose a (different?) reply-to address and display name.

Send e-mail as you want:

  • test your e-mailing before to any email address
  • choose the date, hour, minute of your email (ex: sent it Sunday at 23h10)
  • choose the targeted mailing list
  • re-sent an old e-mail (all mail are stored)
  • create a draft e-mail for tomorrow
  • clear and always visible month limit (credits) defined by your business model limit (500, 1000, 2000, 5000... emails)

Profiling, tracking and statistics:

  • advanced LOG system: any sent mail is logged for a bug free future
  • real time opening sensor: detect, copy, export... effective readers. Don't waste your time with bad addresses or people not interested in your products/campaign
  • real time ratio of sent e-mails/read e-mails
  • graph of readers per day, un/subscribed
  • averages by days, hours of leaded / unsubscribed / sent
  • real time click statistics
  • insert unlimited amount of tracked link in your text body
  • export, copy, move clickers on tracked links

Cost effective solution:

  • create your mailing WHEN you want, react in real time
  • reduce price & manutention of the paper version
  • Application Service Provider solution: free upgrades and bug tracking, always last version, no hosting/server problem, only 1 secured online data-center. 7 advanced upgrades since may 2006 ;)
  • No local installation
  • Rent or buy it: there is enough business models to fit your needs
  • No hidden cost, only 1 template and 1 monthly fee
  • 1h training included in our prices
  • renting a Media*A product is also have a contact with professional designers, technicians and Internet communication specialists. They can give you their support, knowledge and professional advices
  • "state of the art" coding: any column are sortable, any list are search-able, numeric paging, multiple delete, choose amount of records per page etc...
  • A contextual HELP center.

Easy, Secure, Robust and always available solution:

  • nice and intuitive graphical interface (see screen captures)
  • anti-spam: automatic "remove me" link, sender address is chosen on setup and must be a valid one, spam reporting system to send a clean email
  • massive attack, SQL injection tested
  • builded on solid database and a professional mail server
  • hosted in Brussels in a secured data-center
  • server monitored 24/24 - 7/7 by professionals
  • every 10min sniffed by watching bot from 5 places in the world with SMS alerts
  • available 24/24 - 7/7 with an Internet connection
  • cross-browser tested